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What we do?

Safety, Risk, and Customer Metrics for the transportation industry

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Customize your reports and metrics to measure performance across your departments

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Our Solutions

Safety Management

Measure all your safety inputs and create leading KPI's to meet federal requirements

Risk Management

Capture risk assessments to identify where your risks are most severe and how to mitigate them

Driver Management

Manage training, certifications, DOT dates, and collision rates by driver segments

Ai Powered Analytics

Use the industry's most powerful analytics engine powered with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Team Calendars

Create team-specific calendars to collaborate and execute tasks in any department

Customer Support Metrics

Track positive and negative passenger calls by driver, route, and time to implement better customer service


Execute PTASP, Drug & Alcohol, Environmental and any other FTA mandated compliance requirement


Use our heat maps to see where incident and risk plots emerge to identify geo-pattern insights

ROI Tracking

Track investments in training, risk mitgation, customer service, and more to understand ROI across various initiatives

Who is this built for?

Transit agencies, school bus fleets, and motor carriers choose Lussot.

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Mobile & Tablet Ready
PTASP & Compliance
Ai Predictive Analytics
Heat-Maps & Geo-Patterns
Free Customizations
Unlimited Reports
Unlimited Support
ISO Standard Security
FedRamp Compliant
Custom Login Flows
Object Level Permissions & Role Heirarchy
128-bit & 256-bit Encryption
Digital Collision Reports
Root Cause Analysis
Team Calendars
Task Assignments & Progress Reports
Big Data Importing
Single Sign-On
Internal Learning Applications
Contact Tracing
Custom Covid-19 Risk Measures
Facilities Management
Worker Shift Management
Custom 3rd Party Integrations
Custom Process Automation
Sensor & Hardware Integrations
Work Offline
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Lussot has developed a platform of tools that would benefit any transit agency in any city. I envision them doing some amazing things for years to come.

Andrew B.

Associate Compliance Manager, MTA

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We can either serve as a primary user interface platform where collision reports, training, vehicle maintenance, drug & alcohol tests, and other data is inputted directly by your team or through real-time integrations into our platform.

Otherwise, we can augment your existing data collection platforms by pulling .csv files and mapping data imports to give you a powerful data & analytics view.

Yes, we are an open standards platform and can integrate with any of your systems provided they are willing to provide API's and other necessary support. Technically we can integrate with internal software, vehicle hardware, sensors, and almost any other tool to give you a 360° view of your organization.

Of course! We offer short free trial periods to any company or organization to get a feel for our best-in-class tools.

Yes, we can create various permissions related views for your organization's heirarchy. For example, if you'd only like operators to be able to interact with basic vehicle, collision, and training data, we can hide other sensitive data-sets and inputs based on specific job functions.

Lussot offers the following security measures & certifications:

  • ISO 27001/27018
  • SOC 2 & SOC 3
  • International Safe Harbor Policy
  • FedRamp Compliant
  • Complete Login Auditing
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Custom Login Flows
  • Field Level Permissions
  • 128-bit & 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards

Lussot tailors every platform for the organization that is using it. Nothing is standardized because every system typically has different reports, terminology, and metrics.

It doesn't make sense for you to change your workflows for our platform; so we customize our platform for you.

Lussot offers mobile & tablet ready performance for every payment plan to extend working capabilities out into the field when you're away from your desk. Offline working & editing is not a standard feature, but can be enabled in the Premium plan to allow your workforce to complete tasks when service outages emerge.

Yes, Root Cause Analysis is one of the main pillars of our SMS foundation. Lussot Proactive™ helps transit agencies instill a systematic process of identifying cause and effect relationships at every level of your agency.

Effective management not only requires responding to problems in the present, but also instilling a culture where risk prevention is at the forefront of the organization.

Yes, Lussot offers a powerful learning suite through Salesforce's myTrailhead that enables clients to offer modern online learning that is bite-sized, customized, and gamified to increase the usage and performance of your learners.

With our learning suite, you have the power to track the progress and performance of your learners through badges and other gamified rewards of completing courses.

Lussot tracks the following risk metrics:

  • Mitigation rate of high-risk threats
  • Median time to mitigate risks via key variables
  • Median time to discover specific risks
  • Cost of remediation or resolution
  • Mean cost of remediation per category
  • And more!

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