About Us

Lussot is technology company that creates holistic solutions for the transportation industry. We focus on public transit, student transportation, and trucking to help organizations maximize their spending power, reduce incident related costs, and promote safety in their communities.

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Our Story

In 2018 we set out to transform the transportation industry through smart and efficient technology. As consumers of public transit, that's where we started creating mobile apps, consumer-side technology, and eventually back-office safety and risk software.

On our journey we've encountered real day-to-day problems faced by our communities, small and large, and we're on a mission to solve them for the people who count on transportation every day.

We serve transportation so it can serve you

Our Core Values

The Lussot Culture


Trust is the first true building block of any relationship worth having. Without it, there is no foundation on which to build successful outcomes.

Customer First

Because we are consumers of transportation products, we understand what it means to be a customer. Because of that, we always put our customers first... no matter what.


Every new day brings a new opportunity to improve. We innovate on a daily basis to give our customers the best tools to execute their daily tasks.


We're not the largest team in transportation, and we don't want to be. Pound for pound, we deliver more value without the overhead of large teams.


No matter how big the purchase, nobody wants to spend their resources on things that don't work. We devote our time to making great products at the highest quality.


We can go further together than we can alone. We strive to experience your problems in the way you do - then work with you to solve them.

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